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APIGEE, an API management platform, was expanding with the aim of adding value to the company. They wanted to use internal employees for website development and outside experts for the website’s front-end design. W+W’s ability to become part of the team and facilitate communication between all members resulted in a successful product

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APIGEE, an API management platform, was expanding and looking to add value to the company. They were looking for outside vendors to design the website but they would be handling the development internally. W+W’s ability to become part of the team was a perfect fit

When looking for an outside group to redesign the APIGEE website they couldn’t decide between a handful of firms. To make their final decision they had a “bake-off” where each agency submitted conceptual designs of specific pages. W+W won the job, but APIGEE won because while our design was a visual winner, it is our ability to integrate into a team that created a successful  end product. In the early stages of content mapping we worked on-site with multiple stakeholders to get their input and buy-off on designs that met their requirements. Then we integrated tightly with the development team and worked through an agile process including morning scrum calls and constant monitoring via a kanban system to design page templates and launch the website.

Because we worked so well as part of the team, APIGEE also hired us to design the visual face of a large APIGEE event that brought technology experts together to explore and educate the direction that APIs and API management were heading. Again we worked tightly with the internal event team and an outside vendor to bring the event to life. Design was used to communicate on site directions as well as different learning tracks. Also the visuals reinforced APIGEE as the market leader.  Posters, banners, screensavers, presentation decks, and signage were created, as well as the keynote presentation.

The end result was a successful site and increased perceived value for the company which was acquired by Google for $635 million.



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